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so here I am, enjoying a wonderful break with lots of time to let my thoughts wander. i’ve been thinking a lot about how to refresh durchzug and have been remembering the different elements that make up being a business owner – the good and the bad.

as a business woman and mother of two, my days were filled with administration stuff of all sorts ….nights got shorter and shorter trying to be a good mum during the day and an even better business woman at night. but I've come to peace with the fact that our house is mayhem, we are a chaotic bunch of four - five actually - if you include our dog jim, and no i will never be that perfect business woman that seems to always be styled to the tips of her toes, mingle with all the important people, have everything under control and by the side, as if I pull it out of my sleeve, have fresh meals and homemade muffins at hand for my kids at any given time. not happening in my world. i'll go for the fresh meals and ditch the styling then, thank you.

visits at the factory got rare, never enough time to speak to the ladies and gentlemen behind the working tables, always in a rush. when actually, this was exactly what i loved doing. interact with the people who understand what i want and who know exactly what i don't want. ladies that exchange a knowing look with me when i get presented with a bling bag that really sells... don't you want to add a little bling to your bags to increase sales? NO!! spending time at the factory makes me happy and puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

this idea of a new bag has been doing it's rounds in my head for 2 years. i had to get it out of the system. and even if only to hang it up in my cupboard. but, as it is with things you enjoy... you start going back, choosing materials, discussing a pattern and shwupp, the love for it all revives. my favourite pattern maker in the world - anwar - for the last 12 years he has never ever said to me that something can't be done. he never laughs when i show him yet another shoulder piece of a coat that struck my eyes and that i feel needs to be turned into a handbag. don't ask me what it is with these coats. i seem to have a thing for them.

so while i hangout here, he is busy with the mock up of my new design and i couldn't feel more excited. i can't wait for it all to happen. it feels good and yes, everything that happens with durchzug will have to go with the flow of our cherished chaos.

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