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there's something fishy going on....

Quite a while since the Skinny Waters collection and since we started working with Nile Perch fish leather. And sometimes, looking at my products, colours, textures over and over, I do get a bit tired - but these fish skins, they do something else to me. I still absolutely love working with them and am very much wondering, what could come next.

Whenever I prepare the pictures for my shop I find myself zooming into this leather just to admire these pretty and beautiful fish scale pockets. Their fine structure is surrounded by the most delicately thin leather which nearly has the appearance of paper. Aren't these amazing?

It's been a long developing process, figuring out the best way to work with this material. As the pieces are fairly small, we have had to redo the patterns for our bags so that we get a bigger chance of fitting the fish leather pieces. I am truly very fortunate and grateful to have gifted artisans at the factory that magically turn the leather pieces to get everything to fit together in order to make these beautiful bags.

The quality of the fish leather is excellent - it is known to be one of the most durable there is. It's ecofriendly as it is a by-product of the food industry - and no. It does not smell of fish (a question I often get asked). It has a similar appearance to raw snake leather and fits my style of adding something edgy to elegant perfectly. And if you do ever get your hands on one of these beauties - twist and turn the fish leather and have a look at the fabulous fine structure before you go out and show it off!

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